About Us

made_in_usaThe heart of our company serves as a pivotal axis for emerging ideas and industrial changes. We don’t stand inside the box. We explore new ideas so we can be the best for those we serve.

Reliable Maintenance Solutions has paced itself to grow within our abilities. We have taken great care to educate ourselves and our employees each step of the way. This company began as a one-man operation, and has evolved into a multifaceted organization.

Since 2007, Reliable Maintenance Solutions has studied different industries. The original business plan was geared towards aggregates. After creating successful business practices, the co-owners agreed that all industrial markets could benefit from a turn-key maintenance program. They were right! In 2010 the business plan was revisited. A new division was created to provide contract labor services to assist in filling gaps left after massive lay-offs. Once again, it worked!!

We aren’t finished yet! There are even bigger tasks ahead for Reliable Maintenance Solutions. 

Our Team:

The managing members of our organization are driven and determined. Managers are assigned to oversee areas within their realm of expertise. Educational opportunities are supported, and in some cases, sponsored by Reliable Maintenance Solutions.

Every member of our team is required to attend safety classes and educational classrooms prior to placement on a job site. Hands-on training is monitored and goals are tracked to ensure that each individual meets our standards of performance. Employees are not promoted to perform tasks beyond their abilities.