Quarry Services

With extensive knowledge and experience in the aggregate industry, Reliable Maintenance Solutions provides an array of contract labor services to fulfill your mine sites needs. All of our contractors are task experienced, task trained, and MSHA trained. Our workforce consists of…

Heavy equipment welders, fabricators, and plant maintenance mechanics.
With fully tooled service trucks, our welders and plant mechanics have the knowledge and resources to handle all of your needs from bucket liner replacement to screen media replacement and everything in between!

Operating personnel

Is your mine short handed? We have your reliable solution. With nearly all of the aspects of the mining to shipping phase covered, we can help you with your man power needs. At an excellent flat hourly rate, utilizing Reliable Maintenance Solutions not only helps you meet your production and sales goals but also lowers your cost per ton and simplifies managing your budget by having the option to increase or decrease man power based off production demands with a simple phone call. No red tape, no lay offs, no unemployment tax increases, no nonsense.

  • Production loader operators
  • Sales loader operators
  • Haulage operators
  • Excavator operators
  • Hammer operators
  • Dozer operators
  • Grader operators
  • Water Truck operators
  • Mill operators
  • Loadout operators

Clean Up Personnel

Providing a low cost alternative to your plant clean up needs, Reliable Maintenance Solutions offers washout/shoveling personnel to maintain cleanliness and improve safety within your mine site.

Reliable Maintenance Solutions is fully insured, MSHA and AVETTA registered, and a proud member of Georgia Construction Aggregate Association. Give us a call today and see how we can help your mine site meet its goals!

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